Presentation at the exhibition opening: Cezar Popescu – discoverer and caretaker of Costică Acsinte’s collection

Constantin C. Axinte (1897-1984), known as Costică Acsinte, volunteered as a war photographer after the outbreak of the World War I. He belonged to the photographic section of the 1st Air Force Squadron. In 1930 he opened the Foto Splendid Ascinte photo studio in the city of Slobozia. Until 1950 he had been using glass plates (particularly, AGFA), followed by cut films and 35 mm and 120 mm film. He retired in 1960 and his studio was demolished shortly thereafter. Costică Acsinte, however, did not stop photographing, mainly around Slobozia and the village of Grivita, often moving around the area by bike.

He left about 5,000 photographic negatives on glass plates, a much smaller number of cut films and an unknown number of photographic prints at the families of the people he had photographed. Most of the photographs were stamped with the Foto Splendid Ascinte stamp.

The collection of photos that can be seen at the exhibition presents everyday life in Romania – work and leisure time of Romanians in the years 1930-1950.

Cezar Popescu – former lawyer. Few years ago started an NGO who runs mainly digitization projects, Costică Acsinte being the most well known. Currently, counselling a member of Romanian parliament in his home-town, Slobozia. Hobbyist photographer and printer.

The exhibition is organised in cooperation with the Romanian Institute of Culture in Warsaw.