A musical guide / walk around the center of Białystok, during which we symbolically give the voice to its former inhabitants in well-known places in Białystok.

Referring to history, atmosphere, linguistic and cultural tissue, we will try to find “genius loci” characteristic points, often passed during everyday rushing. Referring to authentic events, important figures and characteristic places of old Białystok, we will try to travel back in time, look at our city with pride and tenderness, and at the same time with a distance and a sense of humor.

idea and direction: Maria Żynel
idea and vocal preparation: Julita Charytoniuk
arrangements and artistic preparation: Jacek Mazurkiewicz
Julita Charytoniuk, Maria Żynel – vocals
Jacek Mazurkiewicz – double bass, electronics
Piotr Mełech – clarinet
Janek Kukliński – violin
Zbyszek Rusiłowicz – cimbalion, percussion
Karol Zalewski – accordion
Andrzej Tarasewicz – guide

The event is co-organized and co-financed by the National Centre for Culture