Twinkle Brothers & Trebunie Tutki (United Kingdom / Jamaica / Poland)

„Twinkle Inna Polish Style” is the praise of the joy of life, love, truth, tradition and faith. Over prejudices and divisions, with an optimistic message of hot Jamaican rhythms and a refreshing Goral note.

Twinkle Brothers were founded in 1962 in Jamaica and today they are a canon of roots reggae. Brothers Norman and Ralston Grant in 1975 released “Rasta Pon Top”, and their following albums: „Love”, „Praise Jah”, „Countrymen” became bestsellers. In 1988, they came to Poland for the first time. In 1991 they recorded a session with a band Trebunie Tutki. The album “Higher Heights” was released in Great Britain in 1992 and the unusual interest in the album allowed to release further fruits of cooperation between the Jamaicans and Gorals: „Comeback Twinkle 2 Trebunia Family”, „Our Twinkle Home”, „W Sherwood”, „Songs of Glory/Pieśni Chwały. They have released 60 albums and countless singles. They performed all over the world.

Trebunie-Tutki – a musician family from Biały Dunajec, who has been singing for generations, which has evolved from a Goral band to a concert band at the largest world music. The love of tradition and fidelity to Goral traditions does not limit the work of the band, which cooperated not only with the Jamaicans but also with musicians from Georgia, Voo Voo or Tymon Tymański. They create new Goral music, developing and enriching the indigenous tradition with new melodies, contemporary texts and avant-garde arrangements.


Afro Celt Sound System (United Kingdom)
Ane of the world’s leading world music bands. Two Grammy nominations, one and a half million records sold, work with Peter Gabriel, Sinead O’Connor and Robert Plant, music in the films of Martin Scorsese and Pedro Almodovar speak for themselves. They appeared on the music scene in 1995, their power of influence was amazing. This is a band that, like no other before, has combined West African sounds, traditional Irish music and modern dance rhythms. They have added new touches to their music: Indian bhangra, Arabic influences, dub reggae and many others. n 2016, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the band released the album “The Source”. Two years later – „Flight”, the eighth studio album, devoted to the subject of migration, refugees and environmental protection, nominated for the record of the year by the prestigious world music magazine “Songlines”.