Choreographer and dancer Karolina Garbacik returns to the topic of time and its subjective perception. She recalls the experience of the original version of the “Waiting Room” from 2011. This time, the artist focuses on the countdown, on the individual perception of the moment, and on the expectation.

Garbacik escapes from the traditional perception of the stage in the division of actor – viewer and treating the performance as a time-bound form. The performance activates the viewer. There is no stage, no audience, and everyone present in the room is a participant. Everyone who enters the “Waiting Room 19” is a spectator and performer at the same time. This experience evokes mindfulness, tension and expectation. The only star here is time in two persons: objective time, counted down in equal intervals to the subjective end and subjective time, which, controlled by sequences of events, shrinks and stretches, rushes or stops.

cast: Katarzyna Daszuta, Anna Łaskarzewska, Tomasz Graczyk, Dorota Baranowska, Karolina Garbacik

partner: Podlachian Association of Dance
The event is co-organized and co-financed by the National Centre for Culture