director: Stas Zhyrkov
based on Andrey Horwat’s book „Радзіва “Прудок””
cast: Andrey Novik, Darya Novik, Zmicyer Davidovich, Mikalay Stonka, Vasil Boydak, Anton Zhukaŭ, Illia Yasinski
producer: Maryna Dashuk

Andrey Horvat’s book is about himself. The author was disappointed with working in the capital city of Minsk and moved to the Polesian village of Prudok. He wanted to restore the house after his grandfather, go back to the roots.

At the beginning, Horvat reported on his impressions of rural life on Facebook. Each post was full of Polesian flavour, and the well-described portraits of Polesians became friends or neighbors for the readers. People we once met or meet, that are among us, ourselves. It is these posts that make up the book “Радзіва “Прудок “”.

Director about the project:
I got to know the works of Andrus Horwat when I saw the play “Радзіва “Прудок”” performed by the Y. Kupala Minsk Theater. It was then that I got the book with the words “For you, Stas, from the Belarusian intelligentsia”. Soon after, I was supposed to lead a contemporary theater workshop in Munich. When I found out that I have only Belarusians in the group, I decided that what would I exhibit with them, if not “Prudok”. We found common points that were close and united the actors, disturbing them – this is how the performance was created. A story that, even if not known to everyone, will interest everyone thanks to its openness and honesty of experienced feelings and situations.”

The premiere of the performance took place in October 2018, and since then it has been staged in Minsk, Mogilev, Brest, Bobruisk and Krynki.