Mahiloŭ Regional Puppet Theatre’s “Hamlet” may be a big surprise for all those, who suspect to see a classic Shakespearian drama about a hero tormented by doubts. The Mahiloŭ staging of “Hamlet” is more like a comic book or even a Hollywood blockbuster, than a classic drama. The Shakespearian „to be or not to be” in the play directed by Ihar Kazakoŭ is transformed into „if not me, then who”.
Gravediggers are the main heroes of the story. These characters add to the insane story of death, revenge, passion, betrayal and the enormous psychological tensions resulting from them, new “elements” such as isolation or an unprecedented kind of peace. Those “elements” are a reference to our present day, when we are increasingly isolating ourselves from the world around us, and we rarely experience strong emotions when confronted with art. But even in this, seemingly frozen and lethargic company, one day Hamlet is born…

Ihar Kazakoŭ – Belarusian actor and director of the young generation. A graduate of the Belarusian National Academy of Arts (2006, discipline: puppet theatre director). As a student, he was already directing plays based on the works of Gorky, Maeterlinck, Ostrovsky and Yanka Kupala. Having graduated, he took the position of the chief director of the Mahiloŭ Regional Puppet Theatre, since 2009 he has been its artistic director. Kazakoŭ is a laureate of many awards and honourable mentions, he has directed around 25 plays.

Mahiloŭ Regional Puppet Theatre – a theatre founded in 1976 in Mahiloŭ. The theatre specializes in performances for children, youth and adults. Its repertoire consists of performances using original means of expression, working with various types of puppets, masks, live plan, light or modern technologies. Plays performed by the Theatre are presented at festivals all over Europe, winning numerous awards.