For Belarus, the border with us is the border with the European Union. It is only 60 kilometers. By introducing the work of Svetlana Lebedz, who lives and creates in Grodno, you can at least for a moment forget about divisions. Too much energy is lost on separating ourselves from “the others”, and art is the plane that unites.

Svetlana Lebedz undertook a difficult task – transferring to the two-dimensional plane of the image the three-dimensional reality, in addition, captured in motion.
The forms of expression, communication with others are different. Dance accompanied man from the beginning and constituted the body language, expressed emotions. Dance is a pleasure of movement, uniquely involving all muscles. It is a kind of activity that combines art, culture and sport.

Svetlana Lebedz – freelance photographer. Participant of many editions of international exhibitions “World through the Eyes of Women” (Haifa, Israel) and the International Biennale of Photography “Portrait of the Coastal Town of 2014” (Palanga, Lithuania). Laureate of the first place at the 5th International Photographic Competition “4383 Days of Childhood” and III one at the Young Photographers Competition “I’m Young!” (Moscow, 2015). She has individual exhibitions entitled “Body – Expression” and “Expression of Body ” (2016, Grodno).